Our Story

When we started Odyssée, we set out to create uniquely designed, high quality products that didn't break the bank.

Like everyone, we were tired of being stuck with either lower quality fast-fashion or unaffordable luxury brands. So in 2018, we decided to design our own products and redefine the affordable timepiece.

Our name comes from both the classic Ancient Greek tale 'The Odyssey" as well as Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey". We are inspired to create designs that put together classic, yet modern styles. We strive to make our products stand the test of time. But most importantly, we hope you enjoy them!


Our Leather

Our team loves leather and carefully select the best available genuine Vegetable-tanned leather from Italy with top-tier craftsmanship and environmental standards.

Vegetable tanning uses organic materials -- namely tannins from tree bark, roots and flower pods -- to tan leather. This is an artisanal and traditional method that was refined during the Renaissance. Only 10% of all leather is made using this natural process. It's time-consuming to produce and relies on experienced craftsmen; knowledge is usually passed down through generations. Vegetable tanned leather has a natural look and evolves over time as it develops a patina, much like a tree darkens in the sun. The leather's ability to patina is truly special and is prized by many -- Odyssée's leather changes over time with your use and begin to tell your own story.

Our Steel

We also believe you deserve nothing but the best, most resistant timepiece available. That is precisely why every Odyssée exclusively uses a Surgical and Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

This grade of stainless steel, also known as 316L, not only contains less carbon than typical stainless steel, but is also highly durable. This type of steel is also incredibly resistant to corrosion and high temperature. This means your Odyssée will endure any high-stress situations and still look as good as the day you bought it.


Our environment is facing greater and greater challenges everyday.  At Odyssée, we are strong believers in doing our part to tackle them . That is why are committed to using sustainable materials and methods in everything we make.

Our natural leather is made with the most environmentally friendly tanning method there is. As a time-honoured craft, vegetable tanning uses far less electricity and no synthetic substances during the process. Instead, the process uses skilled and efficient craftsmen with all natural extracts. In addition, all waste during the process is recycled into a wide variety of products. 

Our surgical and marine grade stainless steel is also made with a strong emphasis on sustainability. We ensure that the stainless steel we source comes from manufacturers that share our belief in environmental responsibility. In addition, the long life of the stainless steel we use means there is increasing less waste from the material. We also ensure the steel we use is easy to reuse and recycle, as over 80% of this form of steel is recycled at the end of its life.

Our team of craftsmen are committed to ensure that we further grow our emphasis on sustainable manufacturing and environmentally friendly materials, all without losing the premium quality at the heart of every Odyssée.